Tuesday, 7 March 2017

MFD - Chapter 2: Renovation and Adaptation

Yep, Sergio's life had been great once. A sweet pad with his friend, a sweet office job, plenty of time to find a girlfriend, plenty of time to work out…

All of that changed when Joaquin agreed to be 'roomies' with the girl living at the top of the hill. Sergio had been right to be suspicious - she was a watched sim, a Dynasty sim, and he had unwittingly been enlisted as a 'helper'.

MFD - Chapter 1: The Airhead Blonde

Sergio Romeo once had a pretty sweet life. He was living with his best mate Joaquin in a pretty sweet pad in Windenberg. He was set up for a sweet career in IT and his pad was decked out with all the basics a bloke could need: weights machine, foosball table, computer. He'd just needed to find himself a girl who had an appreciation for the finer things in life and he could go on living his blissful existence on an island with no kids.

But then Joaquin had to go and mess everything up, didn't he?